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Boosting Employee Experience through Integrated HR Technology

Knowledge Accelerator Series for Mid/Small size Organizations

SMEs must take stock of how their HR Tech applications enable their HR teams to identify opportunities amid uncertainty and build a workforce that will thrive in the next normal.
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WLFA's D&I Academy

While work in the space of Diversity and Inclusion is at nascent stages within many Organizations, others have made smart strides in attracting, grooming and retaining Women and other Diversities. Overall, a lot of work remains to be done in the areas of D&I moving beyond tokenism and individual programs to Build sustainable D&I Cultures instead.

WLFA has been working with Member Companies to build Cultures of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and now introduces the Online Diversity & Inclusion Academy. Here are some Relevant, Contemporary and Research-backed offerings from WLFA’s D&I Academy.
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Diversity Balance Hiring Solutions

Diversity and Inclusion starts with the intention of providing Equal opportunities to Diverse groups of candidates. At Women Leadership Forum of Asia we find the intention often does not convert because there is a perceived lack of availability of Talent.

Opportunities lead to Availability of Talent Pools which inturn make Talent Pools available for Opportunities!!
Let’s augment this Virtuous cycle! Let WLFA find you your talent or support creating Diverse Talent Pipelines- through our Diversity and Balance Hiring platform!

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Welcome To Learning & Organization Development Roundtable

The LNOD Roundtable is a pioneering Forum Of Professionals interested in driving Strategic Change and Innovation. The Learning & Organisation Development Roundtable is a Not-for-Profit Community of Learners, who build Capabilities and Mindsets to deliver Impactful change and drive Innovation Founded in 2010, the Forum has over 25,000+ Member CXOs – HR / Talent / Corporate Communications / Marketing, CIOs, CEOs, Academic Researchers


To create an insightful community of curious learners through integrated perspectives, leading to impactful transformation.



The LNOD Roundtable brings together Professionals across the globe to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote better Learning in a changing world.
Heads of HR and Learning and Practicing OD Professionals of leading organisations from across the Globe.
Learning Partners who provide their expertise to various Organizations to build capability & increase proficiency.
Knowledge Partners from Educational Institutions, HR Forums that aid the learning journey of this community.
Thought Leaders, researchers, authors.

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Learning Events


Research Studies

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