Working at LNOD Roundtable offers an opportunity both to develop as a professional and to help the organization develop. As an intern, your thoughts and your contributions will be valued everyday as you work alongside respectful and welcoming staff. The mission of the organization is inspiring and useful for anyone interested in non-profit work, consensus building, the project topics, or much more.
The founder shared new insights and experiences everyday as she entered the office and thats one of the most positive thing a leader can do.
This has been an excellent internship at experience and I couldn’t recommend the organization more highly.

– Nehal Gada

My internship experience at the L&OD round table has been full of great learnings, and hands-on training. There came about a practical sense of understanding the job you are expected to get done.
However, all of this took place in the midst of consistent guidance and motivation from my seniors and Dr Sujaya Banerjee herself. Working for Dr Sujaya has been immensely rewarding. It validated the capability in me and brought in new perspectives and insights. Dr Sujaya provided me with with the tools I require to feel confident in my own skin, while at work. There came about a lot of trust, growth and conviction. The experience with L&OD roundtable has been gratifying as it has given me a peep into the workings of the corporate world. Having gained this experience, I feel prepared to enter the corporate workforce with certitude. A heartfelt thanks to one and all at the L&OD roundtable.

– Swadha


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