Masterclass Series

Involves discussions on contemporary HR & OD themes, the format also includes special events like the LNOD Big Debate. Past Masterclasses have been conducted by eminent practicing professionals from the Industry (Sujaya Banerjee, Adil Malia, Prince Augustin), Practice Heads from leading Consulting Firms (Shaurav Sen, YVL Pandit & Bhawana Mishra, Erik Berggren) and thought Leaders (Rajeshwar Upadhyaya, Curt Coffman, Dr. Roy Pollock)

LNOD Insight

17 minute Insight series which bring Learning and HR practitioners, Thought Leaders, authors, researchers on the same platform for thought provoking insight.


LNOD Window – The Webinar Series

Subject matter Experts and Leading Practitioners from the industry conduct these Webinars on topics of interest for HR and OD professionals. Each Webinar is archived for thirty days and can be accessed for viewing later.

LNOD Certification programs

Short-Term certification programs with classes conducted by industry practitioners, combining a blended learning approach, Action Learning Projects, Mentoring by senior practitioners.

Concept to Practice sessions

A platform that brings together consultants and practitioners on cutting-edge practices and their application.

Knowledge sharing Forums

Sharing of best practices through meaningful dialogues. These forums have been hosted bu Essar Group, Reliance Power, Deloitte University, Mahindra & Mahindra, Axis Capital etc. in the past.

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